Space Frames by Studio Mieke Meijer.

Personnally, Space Frames is a perfect example of Gesamkunsterk work as it is an innovative and thought provoking piece showcasing shape, line and form into an architecturally inspired light.All of which, hold key interests and feature within my own work.



Line Coffee Table by Baker Street Boys.

This is a great design for a multifinctional coffee table. I love the use of material – how the finishing is kept simple to show the natural aesthetics of the material off. The physical shape or form shows interesting and purposeful use of line, and provides a more than one function successfully  – use as storage, a table or a potential seat.



Carpet by 157 + 173 Designers.

I chose this due the unique juxtaposition of texture and material,using the natural grain in wood and tonal felt,  creating a functional pattern design piece. The colour scheme and lack of finish on the wood affects the aesthetics of the piece.


Tile Chair by Jonas Sondergaard Nielsen.

I absolutely love this chair design – it showcases great aesthetic design and pattern, whilst delivering on ergonomics and comfort, due to the padding and movement enable by the separate walnut veneer tiles.


Kaza Tiles by Walker Zanger.

These are tiles designed by the walker Zanger company for a competition. They showcase how beautiful concrete can be made to look with a finely polished finish. I love the simple geometric tile that becomes something rather extraordinary grouped as a collective to create a spectacular textually enhanced wall piece.


Glass chandelieres by Herzog & De Meuron and Dan Mathe.

I love the natural beauty and the simplicity of this piece, it’s suspended positioning creates a link between the object, user and the interior space, enhancing its quality of lightness.

Bronze cast bark edged vessel by woodwoven.

screenshot_2016-09-25-11-40-08_resizedI am a big fan of wood turned items – and woodwoven is incredibly skilled in this element. I like the juxtaposition upon materials here, but the patina on the bronze further relates it back to it’s tree/foresty origins.