We has the task to fill a space in one of the glass cabinets within out studio based off our summer project work from the Gesamkunsterk brief. I found this quite difficult, partially because we had been away from uni and without a productive and creative manic making environment, but also due to the fact that the space was so small. I have become accustomed to working a slightly larger scale creating furniture and lighting, and found it not quite right to be working on such a small scale. Therefore i focused on things, outcomes and the processes i needed to get out of this year. On a skills basis – i needed to improve my CAD skills, and on a more personal enjoyment level i wanted to introduce more textile elements into my work this year to soften some of the larger scale structural designs i have previously made. My cabinet piece is very simple, to ease my way back into making, using laser-cutting, and a little bit of hem-work (sewing) to create this enhanced surface material form. the most difficult part of this was ensuring the spaces were kept even, as to create the desire tactility and movement using wood, the space between each had to equal the thickness of the laser ply (3mm). (For more images and process videos please visit my Instagram page which is attached to the home page.)  Im really interested in interior design , and creating objects for spaces. The end product of this was a functional textile, for multi- use within interior spaces – each different use would enable to interior ambiance to completely change; used as ceiling cover/interact with light to set mood, or as a textural wall piece, or for some small scale upholstered accessories e.g. pillow covers.