This is a sample screen print done from alternating tonal hand drawn patterns. The block monochrome pattern was photocopied and cropped ,copied again etc until enough of the pattern was created to make up a screen. This meant that the pattern wasn’t lined up correctly – however the focus of the test was to see which print would work best – or if they would work together, their contrast adding more depth to the pattern. Unfortunately there was a problem with the light sensitive emulsion that the screen was covered in, and therefore very few of the pattern drawing came through successfully.

The sample used Blue pigment dye mixed with binder printed onto calico fabric.

The sample print was useful as i found the pattern came across slightly too big – therefore this could be amended/scaled down  with the creation of a new screen  – however i found that the pattern size was dependent on the size of the furniture it would be upholstering – as for a smaller scale piece this size of print would be extremely disproportional, but for a larger piece of furniture, anything smaller might be too difficult to look at.