The screen was quite a lot larger than the previous attempt and the light sensitive emulsion worked better – only washing off in a few select areas that weren’t particularly noticeable. With the screen in much better quality than the screen prior to this print, i want to play around with more colours and materials. I chose colours that i have personal preference to and fit in with a lot of interiors -turquoise blue and grey hues –  i did want the colour to be quite complex and bold, allowing the elegance of the juxtaposition to stand out between the fabric and the simplicity of the wooden legs.

I like the concept of trying to integrate more of the original images of the church architecture and the stained glass affect by introducing an element of transluscency through the material and process. Ultimately i want this to progress into devore fabrics, however for the time being i tried a synthetic fabric with a lose more open weave – creating a see through effect. I really like these samples and think they conveyed the translucency well – however the loose weave of the fabric caused the dye to run/expand in some areas, loosing some detail in areas.