With these stools i’m really interesting in getting the size and shape right – and want these to be able to be used as a stool/table hybrid (potentially make more function next term – in the table aspect, due to upholstering material) so i want to play around with a lot of aspects in the stool – diameter, fabric/foam stool height, stool leg height and shape, and the overall stool height.

With this in mind for my first stool i’ve made the base very wide ;approx 50cm diameter – with the foam circumference this should add up to a total circumference of 55 cm , and a height of 16 cm.

The base was circular and cut from OSB board – cut circular using a clever contraption attachment for the bandsaw. The centre of the square OSB was found drawing lines from corner to corner. A hole was drilled in the centre of the board and on the wood attachment (drilled the radius length away from the bandsaw blade. The square of OSB was the screwed/twisted onto the wooden attachment quite loosely to allow movement. The bandsaw was the switched on and the wood would be twisted around the screw holding it centred, allowing the band saw to cut a complete circle. Two of these circle were cut to the same size.

These circle were the maker out in quarters , and piece of square section pine were placed at the very edge of the circle in four equally spaced places – without the pine overlapping the edge of the circle. The pine section were then screwed in place onto one of the OSB boards, then flipped and attached onto the other board until a hollow cylinder was formed.

The cylinder was wrapped in thick card and stapled in place – to reduce weight of the stool and to complete the circular form, whilst creating a surface for the foam to stick to. 1 inch thick blue foam was cut to fit and stuck on with strong spray contact adhesive (this will be added to the sides as well for aesthetic and ergonomic comfort, but i will need access to the base board to attach the legs later hence this has not yet been completed).