To improve my knowledge on CAD files and processes i wanted to CNC my stool legs using the rotary attachment, enabling a fourth axis for CNC routing. The attachment is set up on the CNC bed and bolted down – it acts  similar the that of a lathe if turning from centres – as it will rotate the piece of material when necessary as the router cuts away using the general 3 axis’. I find this process really interesting and exactly what i need to ensur ehtat all the legs will be exactly the same and accurate.

Unfortunately after speaking with the tec dems i am unable to use this to the scale i need, as the rotary attachment is restricted to under 20 cm and a width of approx 5 cm . Meaning i will have to turn the legs by hand – and mill out any sections with pattern subtractions.

I was still really interested in using this process, for general knowledge and experimental purposes therefore i managed to scale down one of the leg design ( leg design 5) to one fifth of what it would be, and managed to get the CNC file working.

The first attempt was quite successful except there was no support left on either side of the wooden blank. Therefore in the next attempt the bank was cut slightly longer than necessary.  The finishing process was a lot finer than it needed to be , the roughing file was almost adequate enough in the original due to the distinct and simple shape – the end mill went with the shape easily enough,and if i were to repeat the CNC file i would reduce the time by lessening the degree of finish as this could be easily completed by hand. The process itself was really interesting to watch, and this is definitely something i would consider doing in the future.