The images were oiled up using cooking oil, making the pages turn translucent enabling the print to transfer (using light sensitive/blocking ) onto the light sensitive emulsion, covered screen. The pages had been cut so that the pattern would line up correctly, however parts of the screen didn’t come through correctly, and had to be covered with parcel tape, leaving a thin line separating the four joins in the pattern. This was the first layer of the pattern, however , as the pattern didn’t line up correctly i decided not to continue with the next layers , also as i  liked the pattern as one single layer. I had become so focused on creating a complex design that was very much an acquired taste that i needed to step back and let the pattern develop naturally. However, i am aware that the stool design requires a level of complexity within the textile to juxtapose the simplicity of the natural wood, therefore i want to develop this pattern in Photoshop which will enable me to digitally print it, reducing the likelihood of errors, that come with the nature of hand printing textile.