To make an accurate template, enabling me to measure exactly which angle/measurement needs more removed or it correct, to the original turned leg , i had to turn a leg the desired shape and size, and cut it in half down the centre. This was quite difficult as i had a round tapered leg, but i had to do it by hand and hope for the best. One half was slightly larger than the other so i planed the flat side down to ensure i had the correct profile. The half was then placed onto a piece of scrap wood , the profile traced around the outline then cut from the scrap wood on the band saw, to leave the negative of the leg. I found this a really handy tool to have, and it was much easier than my last attempt, as you could check the angle, thickness and key measurements along the wood. So far i have three legs all very accurate, and i am just waiting on a delivery for more oak to turn the final leg.