Throughout my concepts i noticed quite a few of my designs had very similar traits to that of the Ercol furniture that was very popular within the 1960’s etc. The company was created in 1920 by an Italian immigrant; Lucin Ercolani. The Ercol range has grown massively, producing furniture items for an interior domestic environment, however, it is most known for its distinctive mid-century style aesthetic of turned wooden legs, slightly splayed and tapered, and similar dowels placed as back support. The chairs aesthetic is enhanced by the legs and the dowels being attached to the seat. I like how the furniture has a distinct aesthetic associated with the brand name and this is something i would like to continue in within my own work, to enhance the feeling of being a collection of items or series of work. To achieve this i want my designs to link through the material (walnut), the turned leg form (tapered, quite chunky), the splayed legs (in the 3 items), a focus on line and form through geometrical lines in the lampshade, angular front in the cabinet, contrasted by curved corners and a more organic line/form in the curvature of the seat. The colours are an important aspect in uniting the designs as a collection, as the material and colour affect the semblance of the artifacts as a whole and as part of an interior.

exhibition set up image