While waiting for the new, larger vacuum bag i decided to move on and start with the cabinet design, the cabinet will be constructed from solid walnut. The walnut was planed to 18 mm thickness and laminated together to create a larger surface area, for the top, base and sides to the main body of the cabinet.


The walnut was quite difficult to work with due to some rot along the edge of the wood, and because the grain and colouring is so different, this provided some level of difficulty to match up the ‘pattern’ of the wood, however, i also think this is a way to reflect the natural beauty  of the wood. The planed walnut, when gluing together to make one larger piece , the grains have to face opposite directions otherwise the wood may warp and bend, which also had to be considered when trying to pattern match.


The wood was glued and clamped overnight, any dripping wood glue was wiped with a warm wet cloth and left to dry. The wood was removed and the surface even with hours of painstakingly hard work of scraping away the surface using a cabinet scraper.


The surface was then sanded, rising through the grades, and wire wooled to create a soft and smooth surface. The wood was cut to  size and left waiting for the rebait joint to be routed from the top and base of the box, and the groove to be routed on all sides for the back of the cabinet to slot in.