In attempt to aid my decision making, in regards to the material selection, and to improve my skills in digital rendering, i decided to scan in a drawing of how i envisioned the collection as a whole into the computer and opened it in illustrator and photoshop. The original drawing was a simple line drawing sketch, done in black fine liner (o.1, and 0.8cm thickness).

This was really useful as it gave me a more vivid realisation as to how the colour of the material will affect the collection as a whole. I tried to pick colours from my research on WGSN, that would be the most relevant to the time period of 1950’s/1960’s of which the form of the seat reflects. Personally, i feel that the burnished red and the acid yellow are the most likely options – as they both reflect the time and style of mid century, but are modern and classical enough to fit in with the interior of houses today.

Again, from research on WGSN – colour combinations that are bold and consist of high contrast colour are trending. I had originally intended to have one bold statement colour with some more neutral shades like grey etc, however i feel that from my digital visualisation this may not be the right idea. Mid century style and textile pattern is generally remembered and associated for it high contrast, dense patterns with bold vivid colour hues, that on a normal basis should not be placed beside each other, however, this combination of things creates a piece/textile/pattern of great lasting impact. It is this impression that i want my collection to produce, and create a deep lasting impact and desire to the observer.