Photo 28-02-2017, 15 22 49

I am aware that the majority of the detail  that makes this lamp interesting is in the light shade – which can be removed, therefore i have decided to implement some other small details to make the legs feel more intwined with the rest of the design.

One way which this can be done, must also be done for a functional reason – the walnut dowels only come in 1m lengths  (the floor lamp should reach approx. 1m 40cm / 50cm in height), therefore i wanted this join to act towards the hand crafted aesthetic of the light – a very subtle detail, but still, there.

I have not had a lot of previous experience in joinery within my previous experience of carpentry, and have therefore tried out a few basic joins using 25mm circular pine dowels. Joins such as a dowel joint, upside down dowel and a straight join, between the two pieces of pine dowel.