To encourage the luxurious and exuberant aesthetic I wanted a large lampshade to reflect that. I tried out some sample sizes with strips of cardboard rolled into a circle of 70cm, 60cm, 50cm, 40cm diameters, but felt that the 50cm diameter was best suited, to the height and width ratio of the legs, and light as a whole.

The 50cm diameter shade, may be to scale for the final floor lamp, however, the wire that i had used in the makette shade would not be to the same scale to the ring. Therefore i upsized the thickness of the wire, to double the thickness to keep the ratio/scale the same.

The use of this thicker wire meant the heat of the spot welder had to increase, significantly enough that it cause the metal lamp ring to warp with the constant heat. The lamp ring was one that i bought, pre-fabricated, to ensure a precise and accurate surface to the shade, however, this also meant that it had been coated in an epoxy resin to prevent rust – which wouldn’t allow for a successful spot weld. The resin came off easily enough, with some elbow grease from sanding, filing or scraping away with a craft knife, on both sides of the ring, to enable the spot welder to form a connection.