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Once the drawers had been fitted the cabinet was ready to coat in danish oil, covering the drawers and the interior of the cabinet frame – as there was still some work to be done on the exterior i.e. attaching the drawer fronts, fully rounding the corners of the cabinet joins and attaching the legs.

The interior of the frame, was mixed of solid walnut side and a veneer walnut back, both had been sanded through the grades 60-240 , and blasted with compressed air to remove any dirt and contaminants, therefore could be treated the same when applying danish oil finish. The wood had a few pieces of plaster stuck on the bottom of the drawers, which was wiped off with a clean cloth and some white spirit.

The danish oil was applied using a clean scrap piece of calico, and a generous coating of oil, rubbing with the direction of the grain, and left to dry for at least six hours between coats. This process was repeated until three coats of oil has been applied.

The oil had created a lovely shiny surface, however it was a little sticky in some placed as it had completely saturated the wood. The final layer was lightly rubbed over with some wire wool and then re buffed with a j-cloth.