Photo 01-04-2017, 15 29 34

I wanted the wire section of the lamp, to remain with an industrial-esque aesthetic, and to mask the influence of spot welding i wanted to spray paint the wire form, to make it a more uniform appearance. I liked a matte black aesthetic, as i felt that this would work best with textile, and wouldn’t reflect light therefore the focus would remain on the use of line within the structure, and the vintage aesthetics of the eddison bulb. I felt that the matte look, spoke more of age than a shiny metallic surface would, in a commercial stand point, the matte black is easier to keep from showing up dirt marks, and is quite neutral as it goes with a multitude of colours, and would therefore fit into a larger range of interior settings.

The wire section and the other lamps rings took two sprays, with an hour in between each until the coating was touch dry, however i left them overnight between each coat. The spray was applied evenly from approx 10 cm height, using a spin table to ensure an even and easy application.