From our press pack lecture, and some research into the type of business cards we wanted, i decided to go for quite a simple minimalist design; that i would be happy with for the next however many years. This is quite simple and stark in comparison to my card design for last years make your mark brief.


I liked the design of last years business card, as i think showing an image of your work is likely to make people remember your work more, and relate to where they have seen it, however, i wasn’t impressed with the image print quality, and think it makes it more difficult to show your current work, as these business cards can become outdated and irrelevant quite quickly.

finished business cardfinished business card 2finished business card 1

lv5 business card

As well as a change in business card, i decided to re design my logo, as since originally designing it i have seen quite  a few logos of a very similar nature, and the small difference in initials wouldn’t make for a particularly memorable design. However, i wanted to again keep it quite simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. I decided to use my own handwriting, for my name to make it slightly more personal, and added some geometric shapes. My original intention is due to personal preference and wanting that kind of aesthetic for the business cards, however upon some research into the shapes, there is further reasoning…

‘Geometric shapes are the basics that you learn about in elementary school. This style of shape is made with connecting lines and has recognizable geometry. Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles and crosses are geometric shapes. This type of shape often has symmetry and has a structured look and feel to it.’

Circles…’ have a more trendy usage and are used more commonly in website and digital design than in print projects. Circles are most frequently used to represent things of the same shape that we know and create a sense of completeness.

Because a circle does not have a distinct beginning or end, they imply movement (such as a wheel). The shape is thought to have a feminine association and is connected to love, energy and power. Circles also suggest infiniteness and harmony.

In web design, circles are a common shape for buttons or call-to-action icons. The shape is also frequently used as a timer of sorts for various applications. Both of these “designed” used are thought to mirror the actual objects they mimic. Use of a circle in a project typically brings immediate attention to that element because the shape is not so commonly used.

Circles are almost always a closed shape. An element is contained within a circle or something is cut out of something else in a circular shape.’

Triangles…’ can have one of two quite opposite meanings. The shape can imply stability, power and energy when the shape rests on a solid base. But it results in feelings of conflict, tension and nervousness when the base is upside down or appears unstable. In many cultures the reference to the triangle includes some religious undertones: Body-Mind-Spirit or Father-Son-Holy ghost or Past-Present-Future.

Almost any use of a triangle implies motion. The eye is drawn to the shape and follows it from the widest part of the shape to the pointed tip. The shape in almost any form is related to masculine ideas because of strength.

Most common uses for triangles in design projects are as directional or navigation tools. Triangles are often small in relationship to the canvas and can sometimes be used in a block-style grouping to create a dynamic image or background theme. Triangles are closed shapes, made of three intersecting lines. An “open” triangle is called an angle.’

Although the design is simple and to the point, i wanted a little flamboyance, to let the nature of the card reflect the level of extravagance and luxury with my exhibition products. To demonstrate this i decided to add gold embossing to the card. I had wanted my name in the front embossed in gold however, this may be difficult to read as it reflects the light in movement, therefore kept my name in matte black along the front, but instead didn’t this on the back of the card, and having the triangle filled in with gold foil on the front instead.