The same process was repeated for the shorter section of  textile ring, except one of the rings had a tripod into its centre to hold the lamp bulb – this protruded outside of the ring – this had to be facing in toward the middle of the textile ring section so as it would be hidden, and would hold the bulb at the correct height, allowing it to be visible through the wire section of the shade.

The wire section was then placed on top of the wider textile section and centred, tacked around the circumference with thread to keep it in place. The ring was then sewed around completely weaving between the wire, sewing between the rings and pulling tightly to create a firm and secure join. The sewing was quite time consuming- taking two nights per ring join.

The smaller section was the placed on top of the wire, centred, ensuring the lamp holder was the right way up for its position in the shade, and the sewing process was repeated.