Arguably the most important part of the foam – was the line of the sofa – the curved line form had to be well finished and shaped with the foam – therefore i cut in long strips to place down the centre of the top of the back curve and folded them over onto each side so the curve was unbroken, as opposed to having two piece of foam – front and back – and sewing them together at the top which would create quite a ragged unfinished line. The foam was attached using spray glue contact adhesive – meaning it had to be sprayed on both surfaces to create a hold. I cut the foam into medium sized sections as these were easier to apply and manouver onto the form, any joins were sprayed with glue, held together until tacky and then sewed over quickly as a precaution.

The difficulty in this wasn’t physically applying the foam, it was creating a 3 d curve where there wasn’t one – as i had only vacuum formed on on axis the back was very flat, and i had to create a curving form you could sink into, with very little experience. The curve was completed using multiple layers of foam and wadding, and gradually cutting away wastage and excess material. The final form was covered in wadding, again attached with spray  adhesive, and sent to the upholsterer. Photo 03-05-2017, 15 13 34