I had planned to upholster the sofa/ seat myself and had previously bought the fabric from home zone upholsterer’s. I chose a bright yellow, almost citric coloured velvet, i ordered in excess in case of any mistakes or mishaps, the total for the full 7m coming to just over £250.  However, due to time constraints and my lack of experience with pattern making and upholstering (which is a whole new skill in itself)  i made the consecutive decision to look into outsourcing a professional upholsterer to achieve a high quality finish on the seat.

Due to the limited time constraints many of the upholsterers within the vicinity of south wales were unable to provide any assistance, however  i found one in Barry through a mutual contact, and he was so helpful towards this – coming out to Cardiff to view the seat to discuss what i had designed it to look like .  I showed him the design sketches of how the chair was put together and what i had planned it to look like – where /how many seams, did i want slip stitch or ply grips along the back etc.  One of the potential problems was that the width of the fabric on the roll was that it was only 1 m 40 cm and was likely that it would need seams – however we discussed that potentially the fabric could be stretched over the back/front of the sofa on a bias, therefore eradicating any need for seams.

The sofa came back, i am so so pleased with the outcome, i’m really glad i outsourced this aspect of the sofa, due to the amount of money and time and effort i had already invested into it already.  I’m really happy with the fabric choice, as i was originally leaning more towards a mustard/ ochre yellow, however all my research from wgsn lead me to change it to a yellow with more acidic lemon tones. The chairs isn’t completely finished at this point however, with the application of fabric and the cushion, its really begun to take form and has great similarity to my sketches of the chair.